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XV – Nevermind Live @ The Knitting Factory from Bob Burgundy on Vimeo.

The Knitting Factory blew up June 12th with XV and Chiddy Bang gracing the stage, setting off a montage of good times and dope rhymes for the audience to vibe with. When the show ended, XV and Chiddy Bang met up with eager fans to sign posters and the occasional iPod handed their way. But a few scouring rap indulgers showcased their abilities as well, hoping for words of advice from an artist who himself also grew up in an area outlandish to hip-hop. “It’s nothing easy,” X to the V said. “But you have to follow what inspires you. For me, It was always Jay-Z’s blueprint and sometimes inspiration needs a little change,” the artist said in regards to his cut off of Lil Wayne’s Drop the World. His latest creation Vizzy Zone was just completed and in the process of dropping next month with production from Seven and Xaphoon Jones of Chiddy Bang. X to the V also mentioned more work with Wiz Khalifa and that him and Curren$y had just been in the studio the day before. Although the much anticipated album, The Kid with the Green Backpack has been under speculation of dropping soon, XV says, “not until next year.” He’s deeply overwhelmed with wanting to give the world the album, but his anticipation of wanting the entire world to hear it keeps it on the back burner, for now.


WEEKEND RECAP: Chiddy Bang and XV had one hell of a show saturday night. Videos and interview with XV will be posted up by tomorrow the latest. And on Sunday, Lakers lost to the Celtics in Boston for Game 5, making the series 3-2. Tomorrow night Lakers host Game 5 back in LA, lets see what happens. But for your morning dose, check out this video.

As Reno, NV gets ready for Chiddy Bang and XV live at The Knitting Factory tomorrow night, the On Deck homie lets lose of a new joint for the world to hear.


To hold you over until Vizzy Zone drops, here is XV’s mixtape entitled 30 Minute Layover. Enjoy.

1. Intro
2. Warmup Freestyle
3. Top Of The World
4. Championship
5. Nothing On You
6. X.plosi.V.e
7. Lift The Game
8. I’m V!zZy
9. One Thing
10. This Plane
11. Friendly Skies (Outro)