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we killin these hoes.
Shouts to P[dot] Peabody down in FL.


A few of these cats must have been held back a few years since they have been putting it down for quite sometime. Nice to see them get front page of some bookwork and be written in the history chapters. Wiz would have to be Class Clown in my books. Who is everyone’s fave freshman this year?

Not the best of quality, but enjoy for what it’s worth.

Taylor Gang Or…

Coincidentally, while posting the most random Taylor Gang Or… slogan I could possibly think of on 2DopeBoyz, I came across this picture of Judd Apatow and could not fucking resist. Enjoy and feel free to coment with any of your own parody’s of Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang Or…

Taylor Gang or go jerk off Judd Apatow

Kush x Orange Juice Trailer from taylorgang on Vimeo.

Here’s a quick teaser of Khalifa’s upcoming mixtape entitled, “Kush & Orange Juice” which unfortunately does not have a release date yet.

On a side note, I much prefer the cover song Giant Drag did for Chris Isaak’s Wicked Games. Which was also used in previous seasons of FX’s Nip Tuck’s teasers and commercials. Download link provided below.

Giant Drag – Wicked Games