We all feel prone at given moments in our everyday lifestyle, especially with music. The only problem is, we are genetically coded to avoid bait. To avoid traps because of the way it looks, feels, smells or tastes. But this is the Hooking Line. Every day you will be reeled into something new that is remotely different from what you are used to generically hearing. It will be handpicked from a completely randomized genre. New or old, it will not matter. All that matters is if you are brave enough to take the bite.

The past few days have ended with shots and excessive servings of birthday cake in celebration of my 20th birthday, so please pay-no-mind to the lack of posts and expect March to be filled with a whole bunch of shit for your eyes and ears. But lets set things into motion, shall we?
Wanting to expand his musical interest, lead singer Kenny Vasoli left his prior group The Starting Line and went on to form Person L and created the record label Human Interest to further push his footsteps. The groups debut album Initiate hit the world in August of 2008, resulting in a year’s worth of touring with several other bands and found themselves back in the studio in 2009 to create their second project entitled, The Positives. The Positives is sought out to be the bands best work, including their hit record Goodness Gracious which is also today’s Hooking Line. So take a nipple, take a bite. Whatever you do, I know you will end up wanting more.

Download: Goodness Gracious