Have you been craving more out of splicers in the wondrous world of Rapture? Well fear no more! On February 22nd, (How the fuck I missed this, IDK!) 2K Games announced that add-ons will hit the marketplaces sometime on march, the first to be entitled “Sinclair Solutions Test Pack.”

The expansion pack will strictly be based for the multiplayer environment focusing on 20 new trials, a third upgrade slot for your weapons, five new masks, and rank cap will be increased from 40 to 50. You will also get a new batch of splicers and now be able to play as Oscar Calraca and Louie McGraff. You can expect more add-ons based on the story mode to further explore the city of Rapture but in the mean time, this add-on will be available sometime in march for the price of $4.99