On Wednesday 24th February 2010, Nintendo held their annual Summit in San Francisco. Among many ground breaking pieces of technology that they informed spectators of was the new Super Mario Galaxy game which is the second instalment of the Super Mario Galaxy game series which is to be released on Thursday 27th May 2010. The gameplay is very similar to all the other Mario games, simples!

The new feature is that the majestic wand that is the Nintendo Wii remote plays the lead role in this game like in New Super Mario Bros. where you need it to control the propeller suits. Some new bosses in the game wear armour so they are super tricky to defeat using. The remote enables you to shoot and dizzy enemies. Mario has a brand new weapon – a drill! A handy man I think you’ll agree! But this is not the normal drill the average Joe bestows, it can be used to burrow through the magical lands Mario travels too, to avoid enemies etc.

Among many new features is bonus rooms where you are more likely to earn lives and other cool powers.

Yoshi makes a return to help his pal, Mario. The dino will need to be hatched from an egg like all the other Mario games – but this time he can turn red and become a carnivorous dinosaur that he has never been conveyed as before and gobble up enemies and if he eats a Bullet Bill he can spit it back out and send it in the opposite direction. I think we’ll see a darker side to Yoshi, but he still eats those cartoony plants for power – so not too dark!

The new levels are fabulous you could be in a lava pit to a snowy mountain top… the sound effects are cool too, when plummeting through space you’ll sound like you’re in an army jet. Cool! Can’t wait? Neither can I!

For some reason I’ve really been dying to play some Super Mario Bros. and I just so happened to stumble upon this read in the process.