I figured it was time to properly introduce myself since this is a new blog and all. The name’s Johnny Topside. some of you may or may not recognize it from the character off of Bioshock 2 better known as Subject Delta. Honestly, I’m not a big gamer. Just something about that game in particular that brought something different out of me and created an entirely new outlook on everything when the original came out in 2007. 3 Years later I feel as if I’m the same man. Although I’m 20 now, I still contribute the same retrospects and wield the same ambition. The only thing that has changed is the creativity in my music. And with that being said, this blog will most likely be 80% hip-hop related and the occasional 20% lifestyle/entertainment. A lot of ideas came to mind when I wanted to create this blog. On Deck. Life on Deck. Curse Like a Sailor. Something that really correlated with where I am at in life. Think what you want, really. Just know this shit will be dope and a lot of good things are to come.

BTW! I’d have a lot more videos posted, but as of now I am still trying to figure out why the hell I cannot post anything other than Youtube and Daily Motion. And just about 90% of videos today seem to come from Vimeo. So if anyone knows what’s going on with this shit, or is having the same troubles let me know please.

I am also looking for some help towards creating a new theme to go better with the blog itself. If you are interested in the work, email me at curselikejohnny@gmail.com